2019 Author

Marianne Dubuc

When I was asked to create a book for Books for Baby, I was thrilled to be part of this program that encourages families to discover their neighborhood library - a place that I particularly love and where I like to go with my children, with friends, or to work ...  I remember that day when we went to our library to register and receive the Books for Baby gift package. Today, it is such an honour to be the author of the book that will be given to all these little hands and which will invite their families to be part of the wonderful world of libraries!

We simply can’t say it enough:  Reading, from the very first months of a child’s life, is an exceptional gift that we can and must offer to him or to her. All these stories, colours, sounds… but also and above all, the special moments to share with a loved one. To give a child the love of books is to open doors to an infinite world of possibilities, experiences and knowledge.

To create On Baba’s Back, I had to plunge back into the world of early childhood. As my children are now of school age, I drew my inspiration from toddlers around me: Nils, Lucie, Stella, Lhasa and many others. I tried to write a book that I would have liked as a parent, but also as a little Marianne. Nils and her mom helped me a lot in choosing THE right idea for this book, which I hope will find its place in the families of the Books for Baby program.


Marianne Dubuc is a leading author of the Canadian youth literary landscape. She has published several books which were translated into more than twenty languages. She racks up honours in Quebec and abroad. She was the recipient of the 2014 Alvine-Bélisle Award and Governor General's Award (Illustration Category) for her book Le Lion et l’oiseau. She was also awarded the 2015 TD Children's Literature Award and the Prix Jeunesse des libraires du Québec 2016 for her book L'autobus [The Bus Ride], and the Prix jeunesse des libraires du Québec 2016 (catégorie 0-5 ans) for La tournée de Facteur Souris. Recently, her book Le chemin de la montagne won the TD Canadian Children's Literature Award, the Harry Black Award, the Prix du public Radio-Canada, and the 2018 Governor General’s Award – catégorie livre jeunesse - français).

Photo: Mathieu Lavoie