Word from our artists

A birth is the most beautiful thing in the world. Much like a book, in fact. When the Québec Public Library Association asked us to design this little book to be given to parents of newborns in 2020, we were quite moved. Writing and illustrating children’s books is one of the great joys of our work as creators. Knowing that this year we would have the huge honour of helping put a first book in the hands of thousands of readers-to-be fills us with such pride. A birth, a book, and two writer-illustrators who are as happy as can be!

Our book A walk on Earth is a journey all about simplicity and contemplation, introducing you to a diverse array of families who, we hope, will awaken toddlers’ curiosity. When we created this book, we had storytime in mind—that precious moment a parent shares with their child. A special time of tranquillity and togetherness, after a nice bath, in which to explore the world. We also thought of that magical moment when a young reader realizes that their neighbourhood library is home to thousands of books, each as exciting and stimulating as the last, and that the joy of reading awakened in them is one they’ll experience over and over, throughout their life. Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful journey through reading!


Bellebrute is a creative duo made up of Marianne Chevalier and Vincent Gagnon, who develop their distinctively styled illustrations “four-handed”. Since 2011, they’ve produced some 20 children’s books and a graphic novel.

Outside of Bellebrute, Ms. Chevalier has a prolific career in visual arts. She designs dreamlike imagery, working in collage and printmaking. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design as well as a Master’s in visual arts, and has received multiple awards for her work in Canada, the United States and Europe. Since the start of her career, she has taken part in numerous theatre, literary and musical projects. She also contributes works to the Québec Ministry of Culture and Communications Art and Architecture Integration program (aka the 1% program).

Vincent Gagnon studied political science, literature and anthropology. A self-taught artist, he embarked on a career as illustrator serendipitously in 1999. Since then, his illustrations have graced the pages of magazines and newspapers around the world and been featured in a wealth of projects in many different fields. Besides illustrating children’s books, he devotes part of his time to wood sculpture, working out of his studio (Atelier un chouia). His métier is writing, drawing, making—in short, creating.