Pierrette Dubé

Pierrette Dubé

Pierrette Dubé became a translator after studying Literature and Translation.

At the same time, she wrote and published over fifty children’s books with various publishers. They are mostly albums, but also short novels for young readers. Some of her books have been winning prizes, namely the 2007 Prix Québec/Wallonie-Bruxelles for children's literature and the 2015 Prix des libraires du Québec. Her characters, if sometimes related to fairy tales’ characters, also portray children dealing with the little problems of their everyday life, as well as funny animals and objects, which never lack for personality! In her albums, she often uses rhymes, while fantasy and humor are never far away.

Now that she has given up translating, Pierrette Dubé has been devoting more time to her writing and to meetings with children.

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Books for Baby… What a great program it is to give a book to a little one while opening, at the same time the doors of a library! The gift of a book to a small child allows him to discover the pleasures of handling this mysterious object, of carrying it around, of abandoning it and then picking it up again; of nibbling on it sometimes, of turning its pages to move forward or backward; of putting it with authority into the hands of mum or dad, of sitting next to one of them, waiting for their voice to rise and for the story to begin: a moment of closeness between the child who listens and the parent who reads aloud.

Needless to say that I was extremely honored to be invited to write a text for the Books for Baby program. The “children, books and libraries” threesome has always occupied a very important place in my life.  As a child, if it hadn’t been for public libraries, I would have had no access to books and I probably would not be writing today.  Without them, I would have been unable to read so many books to my children and it would probably not have occurred to me to start writing myself.

I am always delighted to discover the illustrations that go along with my stories, and this time is no exception. Little Thomas, as conceived by Catherine Petit, is truly irresistible. The very simple story was inspired by a situation that recurs frequently in homes with young children. It’s naptime but Thomas won’t have any of it! Let’s bet that he has a few tricks up his sleeve to escape the dreaded nap. And why not turn it into a game? Hide-and-seek is a game, isn’t it?

Photo: Chantal Lecours

Catherine Petit

Pierrette Dubé

Catherine was born in Montreal in 1981.  She wasn’t born with pencils in her hands but almost!  From many artists in her family, she inherited a passion for artistic and manual work, expressed through illustration, painting, sewing and making jewelry.

After studying plastic arts and presentation design, Catherine started her own mural painting business in which she is still active. While continuing to paint murals, Catherine studied Law and officially became a lawyer. After wearing suits and high heels in downtown high-rises, she finally realized that her happiness truly lay in her papers and pencils.

In 2016, Catherine signed the illustrations for her first children’s book: Une bestiole à l’école (Éditions de l'Isatis). Since then, projects have kept coming and Catherine has illustrated more than twenty children's books and novels. Illustrator and muralist have now become her true professions!

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When my three children were babies, I confess to spending long hours in bed with them and with a lot of books.  We had no other purpose than alternating feedings, cuddles, stories and naps.

What a joy then to be asked to illustrate an album intended for babies upon their subscription to the library! Knowing that my illustrations will find themselves into all those tiny hands is truly an honor. 

Books are not only precious but they allow for wonderful moments of closeness between the parent who reads them and their baby. Public libraries are full of treasures and of countless worlds to be discovered and shared with one’s family.

I had a wonderful time savoring the charming story of Thomas unwilling to take a nap and being caught up by sleep.  When I first read Pierrette’s manuscript, I was immediately touched by this funny, tender, and beautiful story. With sweet and expressive illustrations, I tried to evoke the comforting cocoon we wish to give our babies.  I’m really looking forward to sharing this album with you!

Photo: Jeanne Vincent